How can you calculate if you need to gain some weight loss?

How can you calculate if you need to gain some weight loss?

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As it is known, contemporary world promotes neat figure and healthy style of life. Of course, most of us want to be pretty and healthy. Unfortunately, extra kilograms can be an obstacle on our way. Lots of countries all over the world, as well as the United States of America, have this problem increasing rapidly. If you just briefly check on statistic data, you will know that this problem is getting more and more spread. There are lots of reasons for why people think about weight loss. Those are not necessary the cases, when a person wants to reach beauty standards, but the cases, when extra kilograms turn into obesity and overweight.

You will surely know if you have extra kilograms. It is vital to have some fat in the body. You should not follow fashion trend blindly and lose all fat you have in your body. You can have some extra kilograms and still feel yourself wonderful. If you want to make sure that you have a normal weight, you can do some calculations.

For instance, you can use a special formula in order to determine whether you have a normal weight or you need to think about losing some extra kilograms. You should determine Body max index which will help you to find out about whether you should start thinking about weight loss or no.

Body Mass Index =kg/m2

Body Mass Index for normal weight for men is in between 20.7 and 25 and for women 19.1-25. If your BMI is somewhere in between 25 and 29.9 you are overweight. If your Body Mass Index is equal to 30 or more, then you are obese.

It is not just about beauty to have a normal weight, but about health. It is very well known that overweight and obesity lead to severe health problems. If you do not want any negative consequences due to extra weight, you should really start thinking about losing some extra kilograms.